A Solution

In the news today:

Opposition parties say minister outside Cabinet John Banks has lost all credibility after fresh revelations into his mayoralty donations scandal

What utter utter rubbish. John Banks hasn’t lost an ounce of credibility over these latest revelations.

How could he possibly lose something he does not possess?

John Banks won’t say sorry, nor will he resign, but someone should be accountable over this debacle.

So let’s find out which Epsom residents voted for John Banks, and strip them of the right to vote. If we could make some sort of public spectacle of this, complete with rotten vegetables being thrown, then that would be good too.

Yes, I know it’s a bit unorthodox and highly undemocratic, and amounts to an absurd overreaction, but special circumstances, greater good etc etc…

Are you with me, comrades? Hello? Are you there? Anyone?

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