Sell them all

I see that Solid Energy has financial problems. This just goes to show that governments should not concern themselves in loss-making ventures.

So isn’t it time we told our politicians to stop throwing money into things that can’t even pay their own way?

Write to your nearest government MP and tell them that enough is enough. Tell them that we’re sick to death of successive governments sinking billions of dollars into things that lose money. Demand that action be taken to stop the madness, and don’t accept any of their piss-poor excuses for doing nothing.

Let’s rid ourselves of these burdens on the taxpayer once and for all. Demand that they be sold off to the highest bidder.

The sooner we’re rid of the police, armed forces, health and education systems, prisons, welfare, roads, Parliament and the Executive the better.

Correction: Apparently the Executive has already been bought.

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