Right Thinking: One White Rule For All

Conservative columnist Frank Shizenhausen’s latest blistering attack on liberalism

In this politically correct day and age, I suppose we should not be surprised by the outrage greeting John Key’s entirely sensible decision not to allow the Tuhoe tribe to take ownership of Urewera National Park.

The Prime Minister has made it clear he will not tolerate separatism in any form. The usual suspects may carp on about historical grievances, but we cannot change the past. Nor should we. Things happen for a reason. If Tuhoe lost their lands, then maybe there was a good reason for that. Who can understand His ways?

Separatism is anathema to any developed society. We simply cannot have a society where people are treated differently based on race, unless they are white. That has been one of the most colossal failings of liberalism and post-modernism – encouraging everyone to believe that their own experience is unique and valuable.

Well get real, because it isn’t. There’s only set of rules in this country, one law, and if Maori don’t like it they can damn well give us back out muskets and blankets. A deal is a deal.

Of course, now they are complaining that Mr Key broke his word, and that he promised to hand the Urewera land over. In response I say a deal made with traitors is not binding. The disrespect shown towards the Crown by Tuhoe over the years has verged on the seditious, and if Key was serious about dealing with the problem he’d have taken a raiding party up into the Ureweras and burnt out all their villages long ago. Naked force is all these folk understand.

But people will say we can’t behave that way. These are enlightened times, after all. We can’t use violence to solve our problems. I say, why not? Maybe that’s why we’re in such a mess. Our small towns are havens of lawlessness, and the good honest yeomanry are left to patrol the streets. The fine citizens of Martinborough gave a pack of no-good deadbeats a piece of their own medicine, but were then hounded by the police for their actions. Is it any wonder that respect for the law has declined?

The way things are going they’ll soon be telling us it’s not okay to beat our wives. It’s PC madness, and it must stop now.

Now I don’t want to sound racist, and the truth is I’m very fond of the ethnics, especially their funny dances and their odd foods. And I’m particularly fond of Asian ladies. But the fact of the matter is that we, the Europeans, won the culture wars fair and square. They’ve only got themselves to blame for not putting up more of a fight against Alexander the Great. 

And because we are the victors we get to set the terms. Which is why we ought to consign the Treaty grievance process to the trash-can.

And forget the apologies. What have we to be sorry about?

Now where did I put that Valium? I’m feeling giddy just thinking about my little Asian Delight. Can’t… breathe…