Liz Truss must be the next British PM

So Britain is looking for another Prime Minister, after the resignation of Liz Truss. What a mess! But who should succeed her?

Britain has seen off three PMs in the last three years. So what the country needs most of all is strong, stable leadership. The Tories are divided and in chaos, and can’t afford another drawn out leadership battle. There is speculation that Boris Johnson will return to the role, but that would be a disaster for the country and his party. No, a fresh approach is needed.

Thankfully, there is a candidate waiting in the wings with all the right credentials. Someone who has a bold and ambitious economic plan. Someone who is proud of the Union and not only unafraid to say it, but willing to stand up for British values at home and abroad.

I am of course talking about Liz Truss. She must be the next British PM.

As leader, Truss will deliver the stability and security Britain so desperately needs. She has proven experience on the world stage, and has served at the very highest levels of government. If you want experience, look no further than Liz Truss.

As Prime Minister she will turbocharge business investment, drive growth, and unite the country. She will put the Union at the heart of her government and deliver for every part of the United Kingdom. She will unlock opportunities with a clear plan for growth.

I am backing Liz Truss because she has a bold and ambitious plan for the country and the economy based on true Conservative values. She will cut taxes and grow the economy while reducing bills and putting more money in people’s pockets.

But don’t just take my word for it. Truss has been endorsed by the Daily Express newspaper, who have praised her political genius. “None of her rivals for the Tory crown have matched her in their grasp of policy or their political craft,” the newspaper has noted. It went on to say: “Her combination of toughness, experience, determination and pragmatism are exactly what are required to guide us through the difficult days that lie ahead.“

The Financial Times’ UK chief political commentator and UK editor at large, Robert Shrimsley, has written how Liz Truss is the right choice for this Conservative party.

And Kwasi Kwarteng has written: “Liz Truss has exactly the right approach to helping people through the crisis, to grow our economy and boost our energy security to make Britain more resilient in the long term.”

It’s time for positive politics, to come together, and for Liz to lead. In these troubled times, the country needs a strong hand and a cool head in Downing Street.

Liz Truss has what it takes to be Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Liz Truss is the only person who can stop Keir Starmer.

So let’s all get behind the candidate who can lead the country, unite the party and win the next election.