I bought my first house when I was 23 and now I own four. Here’s how I did it

A guest post from a young person who achieved his home ownership dream


Show us the evidence

The Stuff story about a woman and her sick child leaves so many questions unanswered

I get it now

I now think I understand why the left has done so badly these last few years. We have fooled ourselves into thinking that the issues that matter most to people are poverty, employment and a strong economy. It turns out, though, that the crisis of our times is the plight of high-earning upwardly-mobile young professionals…

Housing Crisis Forces Young Couples Out Of Inner City

More evidence has emerged about the difficulties facing people trying to enter the property market for the first time. An international  housing affordability survey has found that Auckland real estate is severely unaffordable by international standards.Anecdotal evidence continues to mount, with many real estate agents recounting hard-luck stories about young couples trying to enter into…