Ten questions for David Cunliffe

Try as he might, Labour’s new leader just can’t shake off those questions about his background. When one looks at his CV, what’s most noticeable is not what it says, but what’s missing. Is David Cunliffe being up-front with the people of New Zealand about his past?


David Cunliffe is settling into his work as Leader of the Opposition, and yesterday revealed a reshuffled caucus lineup. In doing so he displayed mercy towards his defeated enemies. Just like a certain famous Roman.

A call for unity

As we await the results of Labour’s leadership contest, the one thing the party needs more than anything is unity, and an end to divisions and dissension. Whoever wins, party members have to get behind the new leader and support them one hundred percent. Unless David Cunliffe loses.

Hard left!

Bob Mittsky returns from Pyongyang with some timely advice for Labour leadership contender David Cunliffe. The winner of Best Columnist at the 2013 Air Koryo Media Awards knows exactly what Cunliffe needs to do to win the contest.