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David Cunliffe has reshuffled his caucus line-up, and in doing so appears to have shown mercy towards those accused of being behind the “ABC” campaign.

Some of those often mentioned as being instigators of the anti-Cunliffe sentiment in caucus have held onto their senior positions. Some have even been promoted.

Sometimes when you’re the leader of a divided group, you have to just put aside personal feelings and do what’s best for the collective. Sometimes that means forgiving your enemies, and embracing them rather than taking them out the back and putting a bullet in them.

That’s exactly what Julius Caesar did. One of the greatest figures in history, he is remembered for his many achievements in both politics and war. He also won fame for his willingness to forgive his enemies. Caesar even had a temple devoted to Clementia, the Roman goddess of forgiveness and mercy. Many of Caesar’s former enemies ended up working closely with him.

They got him in the end, though.

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