Why you should get Cameron Slater’s book

Cameron Slater has a new book out. It’s called Dodgy Unions and it’s a must-read. Or so I’ve heard.

But will he call?

An offer of help, from one troubled soul to another. But will he make that call?

My Mate Gets The Truth

I’m delighted to learn that my old friend Cameron Slater (he and and I are best mates: just ask Bomber Bradbury if you don’t believe me) has been appointed as editor of The TruthinessTruth. It’s not quite as prestigious as being made chief editor of The New Zealand Herald, but it’s a first step.If anyone…

Thank You For Helping

Dear Cameron, I’m writing just to let you know I’m loving your work. You are in fine form, my friend! Your efforts on behalf of the Ports of Auckland have been a big help, and I wanted to thank you personally for what you’ve done to date. I’ve also been impressed with your contribution to…