Why you should get Cameron Slater’s book

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Above: Because Slater’s a fighter. If you knock him down, he just gets back up again. Eventually. After a bit of a lie-down.

Cameron Slater has a new book out. It’s called Dodgy Unions and it’s a must-read. Or so I’ve heard. I haven’t yet read the book, but I’m totally going to—one day.

It’s getting rave reviews on Amazon.com, or at least raving ones, including one real Belter.

Let me give you just a few reasons to get this book.

  • If you like a good monster story, then this book may be just the thing. It’s apparently full of monsters, like so many works of fantasy fiction.
  • It also has pages. Words, even. That may not seem like a particularly strong selling point, but take a look at just about any award-winning book and what do you find? Words and pages!
  • Cameron Slater needs the money. He really does. You don’t want him to go bankrupt, do you? You don’t want his entire life turned upside down, and all his financial dealings turned over the Official Assignee?
  • It’s about unions, and unions are full of bad people. No, no, not the Taxpayers Union. You’re thinking of the other Slater book, Dirty Politics. I’m talking about the trade unions. These trade unions are full of despicable people. People who spend their days advocating for the rights of workers. Those without the resources or power to fight their own battles. Ugh!
  • Cameron Slater understands this stuff. He lives and breathes it. Who better to expose the true nature of these organisations? The phrase “set a thief to catch a thief” comes to mind. It sounds a lot snappier than “set an odious and morally bankrupt person with few scruples or ethics to write a book about the union movement.”
  • Slater’s also a fighter. It takes huge courage to do what he has done: publish a book that has one of the worst covers I have ever seen.
  • This book is official. It’s been approved by the government. It’s the real deal! Why else would Slater display the New Zealand Coat of Arms on the book’s cover?

So please buy the book. Assuming you can’t access it for free, either by finding a copy online to illegally download, or by taking someone else’s copy. Not that I would advocate copyright infringement or stealing, of course.

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