Dick Fritter’s Top 2011 Calls

Former political strategist and now full-time pundit Dick Fritter returns to this blog after a long break. A self-proclaimed politics tragic, he has worked with just about everyone, from Rob Muldoon to Osama bin Laden. Fritter’s biographer, Michael Bassett, has described the master strategist as a “hard drinking, hard living, hard loving man who can…

So What Have We Learned Since Saturday?

John Key says the election has delivered him a mandate for asset sales, even though National got less than half the vote. On that argument Labour also has a mandate for raising the retirement age and for a capital gains tax. People who didn’t vote for the party I voted for are stupid. Just stupid.…

Election Day Post #9

I happen to be a big believer that people should [redacted]. That’s why I intend to [redacted] today and why you should too. In fact, if you don’t [redacted], you’ll only have yourself to blame when [redacted]. Am I clear?

Election Day Post #7

It’s funny how what I say at 6:59 pm can get me into trouble, but I can say the same thing at 7:01 pm and all is well. Well to hell with all of that. I’m making a stand. I have something to say! I think Justin Bieber would make a wonderful PM.