Right Thinking: repeal section 172

Leading authoritarian libertarian Dr Frank Shizenhausen returns with some common-sense thinking on regulation.


Move along please, sir

A senior police officer responds to criticism of the force for failing to prosecute John Banks.

Another Imperator Fish exclusive

Lock him/her/them up! So-and-so has been found guilty of such-and-such. That piece of scum deserves to rot in hell for what he/she did to that other person/those other people. What a terrible crime/series of crimes! If I had my way he/she would spend the rest of his/her life in jail.

A Crime News Toolkit For Journos

Never let anyone say I’m only interested in helping out journos who report fluff entertainment news. I’m also here to give those hardboiled crime reporters a helping hand. It can’t be easy having to ring up grieving families in order to get a scoop, so hopefully I can make your job of forcing them to…

Right Thinking: Frank’s Law

Hard-hitting conservative columnist Dr Frank Shizenhausen returns with a powerful new column There’s a petition under way to demand a toughening of our bail laws. This is timely, because it has been a long time since we last had a debate on our bail laws—at least a couple of weeks. Proponents of “Christie’s Law” want to…

Time To Get Tough On Natural Disasters

Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesperson Garth McVicar has accused the Government of being soft on crime, after a third major earthquake rocked the Canterbury region this week. Monday’s two quakes inflicted further damage upon a region struggling to recover from the events of September and February, and caused further distress to people already seriously traumatised. Mr…


The NZ Herald appears to be insinuating that lawyers should not be entitled to receive preferential treatment when it comes to our drink driving laws. I am outraged. Outraged! I don’t like what the paper’s trying to suggest. Lawyers are central to the development and drafting of law. So it makes perfect sense for us to…

Stoning Adulterers Sends A Powerful Message

The Commonsense Corrections Society has sent a delegation to Iran to learn more about the Iranian justice system. The group, led by founder and spokesperson Arthur McGee, arrived in Tehran yesterday. McGee said he had long admired the Iranians, and was looking forward to visiting some of Iran’s corrections facilities. “New Zealand could learn a…