Phil Goff could still lose

It seems like a done deal. It seems as if Phil Goff can’t possibly lose the Auckland mayoral race. But it’s not over yet.

On that restaurant guy’s bid for mayor

I heard someone describe John Palino’s campaign launch as a train-wreck, but I don’t think that’s at all accurate. The launch was such a disaster that I don’t think you could say the train even left the station.

Why Len must stay

People need to cut Len Brown some slack, and let him get on with his job. He’s working hard to make Auckland an international comedy destination. And various other excuses and justifications.

Len Brown: let’s destroy Hamilton

As scandal continues to plague Len Brown, the Auckland mayor has come up with a plan to wipe the hated Hamilton menace off the map, once and for all. But he faces stiff opposition within the Council, and the threat of a doomsday device from the ruthless Hamiltonians.