Why Len must stay

People need to cut Len Brown some slack, and let him get on with his job. He’s working hard to make Auckland an international comedy destination. And various other excuses and justifications.

Len Brown: let’s destroy Hamilton

As scandal continues to plague Len Brown, the Auckland mayor has come up with a plan to wipe the hated Hamilton menace off the map, once and for all. But he faces stiff opposition within the Council, and the threat of a doomsday device from the ruthless Hamiltonians.

Horror As Mayor Takes Train

Len Brown has promised so many things to so many people that it’s inevitable he’ll fail in at least some areas. But the one thing I wouldn’t expect him to get a roasting for is taking the train to work once a week. Jonathan Marshall (who else?) of the Sunday Star Times has reported that…

Law Changes Will Affect Local Body Elections

The Government has moved urgently via Parliament to amend the Local Government Act. The changes came into affect today. The amendments tighten the rules that apply to local body election campaigns. Local Government Minister Rodney Hide said there had been considerable concern within government about the campaigns of some candidates. “The amendments remove a number of anomalies…