Enough is Enough! Urgent Action Against Cake Abuse Now!

Anyone who witnessed that brazen assault on a defenceless lamington by the large head of ACT MP John Boscawen, would have been sickened by what they saw.

For too long now we as a society have been content to let this kind of abuse go on. This abuse has reached pandemic levels, so much so that when you think “custard pie” you immediately think “in the face”.

What does that say about us as a society? We profess the virtues of tolerance and the protection of the vulnerable, and yet when it comes to these precious cakes and sweet pies we turn our backs on rampant abuse. We owe it to future generations of custard squares, jam tarts and donuts to do something.

So we say enough is enough. We have previously called on the Government to take immediate action, and to put a stop to this violence. But they have done nothing.

So we are now calling on the public to join us in protest. Our Hikoi Against Violence to Cakes, Pastries and Pies will begin in Epsom (outside Eve’s Pantry) tomorrow and will march into the centre of Auckland. We urge you to join us. Do it for your lamingtons.

Neemish von Tartt
CEO, For the Sake of Our Cakes Trust