Won’t Someone Think Of The Flies?

The squashing by Barack Obama of a small fly during a TV interview recently is just another example of naked American aggression.

Let’s not get all misty-eyed about the first black man to be US President – Obama is a killer, a cold and ruthless one. And he enjoys the hunt.

“I got the sucker!” he says. And then the cold-blooded imperialist monster gloats over the body, no doubt imagining he is staring at the corpse of the free world.

Is there any hope for peace in this world when a fully armed President exhibits a complete disregard for the existence of a tiny insect?

Obama’s decisive ruthlessness in addressing the “fly problem” should have us all worried. He is a menace to all right thinking insect-tolerating societies.

North Korea’s colourful leader may be lobbing missiles over Japan into the sea, but I don’t remember seeing any flies killed during those firings.

No, the true menace to world peace is the fly-murderer. Because of his despicable crime some baby maggots have no mummy.

Be afraid, comrades. Be afraid.