The Cat Came Back

According to the Taranaki Daily News, a ghost cat haunts a property in Harewa.

The evidence for the feline spectre can be viewed here. But beware: once you have viewed the video you may never be the same again. Your nightmares will be filled with visions of horror and dread, as Mr Tibbles comes at you with slashing claws and bloodstained teeth.

Alternatively, you may take the view that the blur across the screen is one of the following:

  • a bit of dust
  • a light effect
  • a bug crawling across the screen
  • an effect deliberately put in the footage by someone.

And if we’re going to talk about the supernatural, why a cat? I bet if I told you it was a ghost dog some of you would say “yeah, it looks just like a dog too!” Because we see what we want to see, finding patterns in random things.

So if it’s not a cat, then maybe, just maybe, we could be witnessing the ghost of Michael Jackson moonwalking one last time.