Formula One Chief Has Brain Explosion: Pieces Too Small To Locate

Bernie Ecclestone, boss of Formula One:

“In a lot of ways, terrible to say this I suppose, but apart from the fact that Hitler got taken away and persuaded to do things that I have no idea whether he wanted to do or not, he was in the way that he could command a lot of people, able to get things done.

Hitler answers the Jewish Question by sending babies to the gas chamber: that’s another problem sorted then

“In the end he got lost, so he wasn’t a very good dictator because either he had all these things and knew what was going on and insisted, or he just went along with it . . . so either way he wasn’t a dictator.”

Polish problems sorted: Warsaw burned.

Sir Oswald Mosley, father of Max Mosley, current President of the FIA (the governing body of Formula One)

What Bernie would like to see again – this time more blue please