Imperator Fish Blog Rankings Out Now!

It’s rankings time.

And guess who’s on top again!

Our Methodology

The Imperator Fish Rankings are calculated using the following methodology:

  1. Take the overall page hits for the blogsite and add them to the total number of postings made.
  2. Add flour and eggs and beat until the mixture is soft and fluffy.
  3. Place the mixture in a metallic bowl and microwave for two minutes.
  4. Have your local soothsayer or village crone examine the wreckage for signs.
  5. Divide the result by nine. You now have your blog ranking.

The Top Ten

Here are the top ten blogsites in New Zealand (previous month’s rankings in brackets):

  1. Imperator Fish (1)
  2. Kiwibog (2)
  3. The Substandard (4)
  4. Pubic Address (3)
  5. Red Panic (9)
  6. Rictus Kate (22)
  7. Whalemeat (-6)
  8. Tumekulosis (42)
  9. Panned-it (3.74)
  10. No Wrong Terns (:-()

Click here to view the top 100 blogsites.