We Need Some Economic Enhancement

We’ve all been worrying about how far behind Australia we are slipping economically.

And the 2025 Taskforce’s recommendations, if implemented, would see us fall further behind.

So are we doomed? Not at all! Because there’s one industry where we’re world leaders. And our prospects for growth are phenomenal.

It turns out we are master spammers (okay so one guy got caught – let’s not let that disrupt our march towards spamming domination). We’re good at it. We can clog the internet with our ads for dodgy pharmaceuticals.

But there’s danger ahead. Our business leader hero Lance Atkinson, the man behind this success, has moved to Australia. Typical of the Australians to exploit our success.

If we want these brave business champions to remain in New Zealand we need to celebrate their successes. Because we need them to stay and work their magic. Our economy is flaccid and needs an enormous boost.