John’s Diary – 9/3/10

Another busy week of talk talk talk.

The press have been all over me because they said I claimed in January to have a secret plan to eradicate whaling, when in actual fact we are about to support Japan’s efforts to hunt the little buggers down.

I was misreported, of course.  What I said was that I had a secret plan to eradicate whales. Guess it’s not such a secret any more. LOL!

Poor old Don’s at the end of his tether. First, I give him a bollocking for producing a 2025 report that, while resembling a Tory wet dream, is completely unsaleable. Then he learns the cops can’t discover who hacked into his emails. Personally I don’t care who it was. Trevor Mallard says it was Bill English, but Bill has enough trouble with basic economic literacy, so I suspect hacking into a computer is beyond him. Now Don’s been left in charge of a financial institution in trouble. Some people say Don’s not got the experience to handle the role of leading an organisation displaying dodgy accounting policies and a lack of public disclosure. But then he led the National Party for a number of years, so he’s eminently qualified. LOL!

The Director General of Health is quitting. He says he made up his own mind to leave. Well that’s true. Rather like a man being made to walk the plank being given the opportunity of taking a swim or having his legs cut out from under him.

I like the idea of putting a Wellywood sign up in the capital. This is just the kind of big thinking that will magically fix this economy. I’m also hoping we can find other brands to associate our cities and towns with.  Rodney is keen to rebrand Auckland.  He wants to put up a sign that says “ALL MINE”. LOL!

Steven’s been doing some excellent work. It’s always a shame when my ministers show energy and competence (thankfully it doesn’t happen often), because I’ll now have to watch my back. His latest plan is to reform the tertiary sector so that students don’t get access to the cruisy lifestyle and free education Steven and I enjoyed. Mind you, that was sooo long ago for me. I can’t even remember what I was doing in 1981. LOL!

Okay, I’d better go. Have multiple photo ops tomorrow and need to be relaxed.