Whanau Ora Will Save Us

The Whanau Ora Taskforce Report, which sets out options for improving social, education and other support services for families across New Zealand, has been welcomed by the Government.

“I have no idea what this jolly Whanau Ora thing is all about, but it makes Tariana happy,” said acting Prime Minister Bill English.

The Minister Responsible for Whanau Ora, Tariana Turia, explained the approach behind Whanau Ora.
“This is all about talking about finding better ways of doing things. It’s about Government agencies working together, just as they do now, but under the name Whanau Ora. Before we didn’t have a name for this approach, but now we do.”

Mr English confirmed that the new approach to labeling the same thing would be of benefit to Maori, because it would make them feel like someone gives a crap about them.

“It’s business as usual here, but we have to make our support parties feel like they are getting something. We’re pissing all over them on the Welfare and Foreshore and Seabed issues, and they keep holding their cup out for a refill. Don’t worry – there’s plenty more.”

Mrs Turia said she was pleased with the work of the Whanau Ora Taskforce.

“We fought long and hard to get this group called a ‘Taskforce’. The Government wanted to call them a ‘working group’, but we put our foot down. This is a victory for Maori.”

Mrs Turia said Whanau Ora was all about establishing processes and methodologies to enable agencies to leverage resources and integrate strategies, and to foster and nurture synergies across various sectors so as to help families in need.

“I don’t have a clue what that means, but they made me a minister. Yeehah!”