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Dear Rodney

I’ve been in a relationship for the last four years. My partner says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, but every time I drop a hint about marriage he changes the subject. When I ask him about children he says he wants them, but just not yet. My friends say he needs to make a decision whether he’s serious or not, and that I should tell him its kids and marriage or he’s out the door. What should I do?


Dear Barbara

You have a choice to make. But the choice is yours, not that of some bureaucrat in Wellington. We need to reduce the size of our bloated state sector and put the power back into the hands of consumers and taxpayers, so they can make decisions about what is best for them and their families. We know that Government agencies are inefficient and lack financial discipline. That’s why the ACT Party supports a smaller state sector and privatisation of state assets.


Dear Rodney

For about three months I’ve been struggling with breathlessness and nausea whenever I leave the house. I have been to the GP many times, and last month he referred me to a specialist. None of them can find anything wrong with me. I’ve also been having difficulty sleeping, and often wake up suddenly with a start. This is beginning to affect my relationship, and my productivity at work has been steadily declining. Can you help diagnose the problem?


Dear Jack

The problem is the lack of incentives we provide to those on welfare to get off the benefit. We spend billions of dollars every year subsidising people in our society who contribute nothing. This simply cannot continue, unless we want to become another Greece or Iceland. The ACT Party is committed to welfare reform, and that’s why one of our policies is to get to the root of welfare dependency and address the key causes of it. We know that bad parenting is responsible for many children growing up with a lack of self esteem or confidence, and this sense of alienation leads to welfare dependency, as well as crime. Addressing these issues is one of this country’s most urgent priorities.


Dear Rodney

I recently inherited a tidy sum of money and would now like to invest it. The recent finance company problems have left me feeling wary about putting money into the markets. My financial adviser says my best bet is to invest in managed funds, and he has given me a range of options. Do you think a managed fund is the best bet for me? Or am I better putting the money into real estate? I’m in my fifties, recently widowed, and have no dependants.


Dear Sue 

You sure have some nerve writing to me. As I’ve said before, your arguments simply don’t stack up. All the empirical evidence points to the fact that the Earth is cooling, not warming. Your attempts to baffle and confuse with these screeds of so-called scientific data merely show you to be at best misguided and, at worst, intellectually dishonest. Your supposedly peer-reviewed study is nothing more than a sham, a rubber stamp process engaged in with your climate change gravy-train chums. Recent events have shot to pieces any credibility your movement ever had.

You are little better than a used-car salesman, but the problem is that nobody wants to buy the used goods you’re pedalling. If you had any sense of decency you would apologise for misleading the world for years. But, then, I suspect you think it’s all a game, and the prize is the millions of dollars in funding you get every year, so why would you apologise? You have no regard for the fear you instill in people, and the enormous damage you and your movement have inflicted on our nation’s businesses.

The entire ETS process has been a fiasco and an unnecessary burden on companies, and we are now the laughing stock of the Western World. No other country is pushing ahead with an emissions trading scheme like ours. Even Australia has abandoned attempts to pass emissions trading legislation. All this has arisen because of you and your movement, and the poisonous lies you have spread. You people sicken me.


Dear Rodney

Can you please explain to me the ACT Party’s position on the Resource Management Act?


Dear Simon

Lucky Lady is racing in the 3.10 at Te Rapa this Saturday. Put all your money on her. I have a good feeling about this one.


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