If They Win

The Climate Science Coalition (CSC) is consulting its lawyers over the alleged breach of a court order that ruled climate change was not occurring.

The CSC sued the Crown Research Institute NIWA over weather data issued by the institute, and obtained a ruling by the court last year that NIWA’s data was invalid.

But the CSC are concerned that global temperatures may have risen, in defiance of the court order.

CSC spokesman Terry Dunleavy said the recent atmospheric activity was concerning.

“It may just be an anomaly, but we would certainly be very concerned if temperatures were on the rise, in defiance of the judge’s order.”

Legal experts are divided on what steps the CSC might take.

Auckland University Associate Law Professor Nigel de Blath said it was not absolutely clear who or what was behind the recent temperature changes. But if it was God He may have a case to answer.

“On the face of it He appears to have breached the spirit of the court order, if not the actual express language of it.

“I think we all accepted when the ruling came out last year that climate change was at an end. The judge made his views very clear on the subject.”

Mr de Blath said the latest temperature anomalies made a mockery of the entire judicial process.

“NIWA had the opportunity to appeal the judge’s decision, but didn’t. To be honest, I think everyone was just so relieved to learn the climate change crisis was finally over and that we could go back to our old polluting ways.

“So this latest move really is a slap in the face, and I would expect urgent measures to be taken to put a stop to it.”

But barrister and chairman of the Law Society’s Civil and Commercial Affairs Committee, David Walter, said it was unlikely the CSC would be able to enforce the court order.

“The procedural issues alone will be daunting. Firstly they will have to establish which deity is behind the atmospheric changes, and then they’ll need to work out how to serve legal documents on Him. It’s not unheard of nowadays for elusive defendants to be served via Facebook, but I’m not sure whether old-fashioned deities like Jehovah or Allah are attuned to social media.

“There are also a host of jurisdictional issues to contend with. And then there’s the potential cost to the plaintiffs. They will effectively be taking on a defendant who has unlimited resources.”

Mr Dunleavy has not said what action will be taken if climate change is in fact occurring. But he is not ruling out another battle.

“We took on NIWA and won, even though we were openly mocked at the time. They called us a bunch of cranks, even though we ended up saving the planet.

“The stakes are high and if we need to take action we will. We’re not afraid of taking on the establishment.”

None of the major gods could be reached for comment.