Politicians, Like, So Totally Think New Medal Of Honour Game Sucks

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp has blasted a new electronic game that allows players to become Taliban insurgents.

The new Medal of Honour game is part of a popular series of first person “shooter” games.

“Dude, this game is, like, so totally lame,” said Mapp yesterday.

“I played these terrorist guys and it was so completely f**ked up. I mean, like, if I really wanted to bomb that many innocent civilians I would so totally get one of those unmanned US drones and bomb the f**k out of some wedding party.

“Playing the Taliban sucks arse, dude. Their weapons are totally lame and the Yanks seem to have all the cool shit.”

The game has also caused controversy in the United Kingdom. British Defence Secretary Liam Fox told the BBC: “This is an utterly stupid game. I am outraged.

“I, like, so totally preferred the Medal of Honour D-Day game. I love being the Nazis, blasting the f**k out of the Yanks as they land on Omaha Beach. That is some f**king awesome slaughter, I tell you, mowing them down in piles as they attempt to liberate Europe from the horrors of Nazism. Bring ’em on!”