Right Thinking – A Good Man

Conservative commentator Dr. Frank Shizenhausen defends David Garrett

So the media have another ACT Party man to sink their teeth into. But I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Isn’t identity theft a victimless crime? This is all just a smear by angry socialists.

Are we now going to require every indiscretion to be disclosed before someone can enter parliament? For goodness sake! Who hasn’t made a few mistakes? Who hasn’t done something similar? My youthful indiscretions are public knowledge, and I don’t shy away from them. But my nun-stabbing days are behind me, and I’ve gone almost a year now without a serious conviction. I’ve reformed and am now a better person for the process. So, I’m sure, is David Garrett.

Besides, shouldn’t we be saluting the industriousness of this man? Most people in their mid-twenties spend their days smoking P and listening to rap music, but instead Mr Garrett was reading and absorbing. It is a mark of the man’s genius that he was able to pull off this daring caper and go undetected for years. He showed the innovative spirit we need more of in this country. Mr Garrett is a true identity fraud entrepreneur and deserves to be up there on a pedestal with other champions of industry like Mark Hotchin, Michael Fay and Alan Hubbard.

It’s only a shame Garrett’s courageous announcement had to come when it did, because it overshadowed a marvellous political achievement by the current government in passing legislation to clear away red tape and get things done. As a libertarian of long standing, I deplore unbridled state power, which is why the cutting away of all this needless regulation (building standards, the Crimes Act and so on) by the passing of the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Bill is to be applauded.

I simply don’t believe that our politicians will abuse the wide powers given to them under the new law, unless we have a change of government in 2011, in which case God help us all. It comforts me immensely that Rodney Hide as Minister for Local Government is one of the three “super-ministers” given wide powers under the new legislation, because you know you’re in safe hands with Rodney.

But Rodney’s a busy man with the Super-City business, so it would be nice to see him delegate some of his new powers to others in the party. The socialist stinkers will probably force Garrett from his current law and order role, and he’ll be at a loose end, and could do a magnificent job if left in charge of Christchurch.

Just so long as we don’t let him near the Births, Deaths and Marriages office.