Right Thinking: Oh Pebbles!


Hard-hitting conservative columnist Dr. Frank Shizenhausen takes aim at Pebbles Hooper and the Greeks

I’m appalled by the behaviour of Pebbles Hooper. I honestly expected better from her.

Hooper went too far she tweeted that the death of an Ashburton mother was “natural selection.” She deserves all the opprobrium being flung like dog-turds at her.

It beggars belief that a supposedly intelligent and well-educated young woman could think this way. There is something terribly wrong with today’s generation of young people.

It’s not the cruel and callous disregard for the loss of these lives that gets me. What really offends is the overt reference in Hooper’s tweet to one of the fundamental tenets of evolutionary theory.

It has of course been proven beyond any doubt that the theory of evolution is a massive fraud perpetuated by a monstrous cabal of scientists and academics. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Earth was created in six days, or that Adam and Eve really did exist. For one thing, it’s hard to imagine a perfect god running a highly unionised angel workforce, so there would have been no need for anyone to rest on the seventh day. But nor does that mean we are all descended from amoeba.

Let’s not forget that most of the people who believe in evolution also think that the Earth’s atmosphere is warming, even though it’s so cold here today that I’ve had to put another jersey on. So I expected better from Hooper. It is deeply disappointing to see a young woman of such promise falling for these lies.

When Hooper posted her tweet she displayed a cruelty that does her credit. She may make a powerful conservative icon one of these days, and her attitude that poor brown people who make mistakes are better off dead certainly bodes well for a future career co-hosting some sort of media show with Mike Hosking.

But she ruined it all by making reference to natural selection. Why would she do this? Does she really believe that chimpanzees are our cousins, and that we all used to live in the sea? How could that possibly be? I can’t even swim!


So the people of Greece said no to a rescue package that would have given them some chance of future success.

The Greeks have behaved like a sick patient offered a life-saving medicine.

It is true that the medicine would have resulted in the loss of the patient’s arms and legs, and left the patient confined in a wheelchair unable to talk and without any bowel control.

But at least the patient would be alive. Also blind, deaf, and paralysed, but alive!

Wouldn’t any sort of life, however horrible, painful and miserable, be better than a life of uncertainty? Yes, perhaps there is some miracle cure out there for the Greek economy. Perhaps a “No” vote will even result in the nation of Greece beginning its slow recovery. But what if things get worse? What if there is something worse that being limbless, incontinent, paralysed, deaf, dumb and blind?

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  1. Pebbles reveals that her name has a similar mass to her brain…attending the right schools and being a white middle class ‘gel’ doesn’t prevent one,in fact seems to encourage , crassness.

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