A Just Punishment

The Sensible Whaling Trust says that the ongoing assistance provided by Government agencies to stranded whales only encourages further criminal cetacean behaviour.

“These low-lives make a mockery of the system,” said Sensible Whaling Trust spokesperson Ahab McReverend.

“Despite what the namby-pamby whale-lovers say, whale-strandings are a just punishment for anti-social and offensive behaviour.”

Mr McReverend said that any slackening of the law would naturally result in an increase in lawlessness among whales and other sea mammals.

“The liberal ideology and politically correct nonsense the do-gooder whale-lovers espouse has wiped out the boundaries, the respect and the discipline which made New Zealand’s whale population one of the most compliant in the western world.

“It’s no wonder you can’t visit a beach nowadays without some gang of low-tide low-life whales turning up and taking over the place. The beaches belong to all New Zealanders, not just a small minority.”

Mr McReverend said that other countries, such as Japan, had managed to overcome their whale problems.

“The Japanese understand how to deal with troublemaking cetaceans. But in this country a bunch of faceless bureaucrats and out of touch academics have convinced our spineless politicians that these beasts deserve a second chance, and that everyone can be rehabilitated. Even though we know that many of them can’t.

“When the politicians and academics wring their hands and wail about the whale menace, they need only to look in the mirror to see who is responsible.”