Hide Pays Tribute

As the people of Christchurch continue to recover from the effects of the September earthquake, ACT leader Rodney Hide took time today to pay tribute to the quake.

Mr Hide, who was visiting the city, said there was no doubt that few natural disaster have had such an influence on the direction of Christchurch as September’s Canterbury Earthquake.

“The earthquake shook the foundations of this region, and its effects continue to this day.

“The impact the earthquake has had on the infrastructure of Christchurch places it in a special position that few other disasters can hope to emulate. Its contribution to the destruction of the region is recognised by both insurance assessors and civil defence staff.”

Mr Hide said that the impact of this earthquake would be felt for decades to come.

Earlier this week Mr Hide paid a special visit to the city of New Orleans. In a moving public speech there he paid tribute to Hurricane Katrina.

“No other hurricane has had such a lasting impact on the city of New Orleans,” Mr Hide told a gathered crowd estimated to be in the thousands.

“Though Katrina has bowed out, we wish her well. She has changed the landscape of this city irreparably.”