David Icke Coming!

An earthquake hits Christchurch.

Justin Bieber has a haircut.

Simon Power announces he will retire from politics.

A movie about an English king wins a number of Oscars.

On the face of it all of these events might seem unrelated.

But if you believe that then you certainly need your eyes opened.

Lucky for you then that David Icke has just announced the dates for his New Zealand tour. He will open your eyes and expose the true nature of the elites who rule us. You will be shocked to learn that cancer is a fungus that the “bloodlines” and the “pharmaceutical cartel” refuse to cure. And that those bankers the Rockefellers, who also happen to be Jewish, hold the cure (no, honestly, he’s not an anti-Semite! That’s just one of the lies They spread).

You will be horrified to learn that we have become enslaved by a shapeshifting reptilian elite, who control all that we see and hear.

“Learn about the New World Order and the plan for global enslavement plus David will be focusing heavily on his new book including content specific to Australia and New Zealand!”

They will run out of tin foil, so get in quick!