It Is Done

So I managed to do my big presentation today, and now it’s done. I’d been working on it all week, and it had been doing my head in.

I think it went well. It’s pretty hard to interest a bunch of hard-nosed IP lawyers when the topic you have to speak about is IP licensing, but I think I managed to keep things interesting.

I suspect the frequent references to the Reptilian elites, the New World Order and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion would have kept the audience on their toes.

But if that didn’t do the trick, locking the doors, screaming torrents of abuse at the audience and then trying to set myself on fire must have at least ensured the event was memorable.

And doing the entire thing naked will have certainly got the attention of the key people in the industry.

But I do worry if I might gone a step too far. PowerPoint presentations are so passe nowadays.