David Garrett To Return?

He stole the identity of a dead baby, and now he’s stolen Don Brash’s heart.

Belinda McCammon at Stuff reports:

ACT leader Don Brash has left the door open for a political comeback by disgraced former MP David Garrett after police cleared Mr Garrett of fraud.

Dr Brash said yesterday he was “absolutely delighted for Mr Garrett and for ACT”, and would not rule out Mr Garrett standing for ACT at the election. “That is a question fundamentally for the board and I can’t speak for the board.”

Too many of our politicians come from privileged or cloistered environments. Garrett at least offers a fresh and different perspective. I’ve always said that stealing the identity of a dead baby is the kind of real-life experience more of our MPs could do with.

We’re now beginning to get a clearer picture of the likely ACT party list. Here’s my top ten “dream team”.

  1. Don Brash
  2. John Banks
  3. John Boscawen
  4. Clayton Weatherston (appeal pending)
  5. Alasdair Thompson
  6. Murray Deaker
  7. Mark Hotchin
  8. Don Nicolson
  9. David Garrett
  10. A token ethnic/woman candidate.*

* Essential in order to debunk the claim that ACT hates wimmin and the Marries.