Keeping Our Light Fittings Safe

I’m glad the police are taking such firm action against Arie Smith-Voorkamp.

It’s about time we sent a firm message that the compulsive nicking of light fittings by people with mental disorders won’t be tolerated. Haven’t our light fittings been through enough already?

Let’s not feel too sorry for the guy, because he made a choice. He made a choice to have a mental disorder that compels him to engage in certain behaviours, just as you made a choice to draw in that last breath. You could have held it.

I’m pleased the cops are taking this matter so seriously, and they are dead right to refuse diversion. Smith-Voorkamp’s compulsion makes it probable he will take light fittings again if given the opportunity. Is that the kind of man we want walking the streets, amongst our women and children?

And don’t believe that his disorder makes him less likely to engage in deceitful cunning behaviour. Look how he deliberately beat himself up in order to accuse the police of attacking him. So what better way to respond to accusations of bullying than to stand firm and throw the book at the guy?

And even though it’s inevitable that the judge will either throw the case out or give Smith-Voorkamp a discharge without conviction when it comes to trial, doesn’t it feel good to get one back at those Aspies? They’ve had it easy for far too long.