Helping You Leave The Country Faster

For those of you who are so horrified of Labour’s tax plans that they’re thinking of emigrating, allow me to assist.

Air New Zealand and Qantas will get you to a lot of places. Just make sure you have your credit card handy when you go online.

Click here for a reliable taxi company to get you to the airport if you’re in Auckland, or here if you’re in Wellington.

You’ll also need a good shipping company to handle all your belongings. Here and here are a couple of suggestions.

You’ll be wanting to go to an OECD country that doesn’t have capital gains taxes. So here is a link to immigration information for Turkey. You could also try Switzerland, but I suspect that unless you’re totally loaded and already have millions stashed there, they won’t want you.

If you decide to settle in Turkey you’ll be needing this book. I’m told Turkish isn’t the hardest language in the world to learn, but you’d better start practising now.

There’s a sizeable Christian population in Turkey, but if you really want to get ahead there and rise to the top of the heap (I know how ambitious you are) I recommend you convert to Islam. Take a Koran to read on the plane.

You may find that people adopt an unsympathetic manner when you tell them you’re off because you’ve had enough of being looted by the government. There’s only one way you can be sure there won’t not a dry eye in the airport as you depart. Throw a few tear gas cannisters in the airport departure area*.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that.

* Disclaimer: no, really, don’t do that.