Unfairly Branded

Pity the French fashion label Lacoste. Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik has been pictured wearing their clothes. It’s just the sort of celebrity endorsement a brand doesn’t want.

Adidas were also recently in the news, after their gear became the fashionwear of choice for many of the London rioters.

Labels like these spend millions on marketing and branding, but much good work can be quickly undone when the wrong people start wearing their products.

Lacoste could try Abercrombie & Fitch’s approach. When reality TV star Michael Sorrentino from MTV’s TV trashy show Jersey Shore started wearing their clothes, they offered to pay him not to.

So all any ridiculously unpopular person in need of cash has to do is parade around town in a top label’s gear, and wait for the phone to ring. It could be a good way for Don Brash to raise money for ACT.