My Advice To ACT

Ditch John Banks

He will just destroy what remains of your party. This will be a hard call, but it is the right thing to do.

Banks is a moral conservative with authoritarian impulses. He is now contemplating talking to the Conservatives, although to his credit Colin Craig wants to go nowhere near the festering and pus-filled wound that is the ACT Party.

ACT was founded in the principles of classical liberalism and non-interference by the state in both the economic and personal spheres. But many of ACT’s policies (e.g. in the law and order area) are profoundly illiberal. No wonder they sit at 1%.

Ditch the brand

The ACT brand is forever tarnished, and will always be associated with the likes of David Garrett, and with other assorted oddballs and misfits. The party needs a new name and a new brand.

Do a cleanout

I don’t know much about the internal workings of the ACT machine or its governing board. Clearly, however, that governing body has failed miserably. Its members should all be sacked.

Don’t be a National poodle

What exactly is the point of ACT right now? Is there a single policy that ACT would stand against if National proposed it? I can’t think of anything National might realistically propose that ACT would say no to.

People don’t have a good reason to vote ACT. Voters may as well stay with the Nats.

Don’t follow my advice

I’m happy to see ACT remain the 1% party.