Reforming Labour

Hard-hitting left-wing columnist and Chairman of the Workers Solidarity Party of Aotearoa, Bob Mittsky, returns with a new post on the plight of Labour.

Most of you who follow my work will be aware that I campaigned actively for the Mana Party during the election campaign.

Sadly, I came to the realisation that the party is hopelessly reactionary and filled to the brim with class enemies like John Minto and Sue Bradford. They rejected my suggestion that I run as co-leader with Hone Harawira, and the public punished them for it.

I have now washed my hands of them. But another party is in turmoil and I sense there may be opportunities for genuine revolutionary reform within the Labour Party.

Below are a few modest suggestions on my part for Labour to consider.

Destroy the Greens

They are the enemy and must be obliterated. That means no deals, no dialogue, and outright hostility at every step. They stole Labour’s votes and must pay the price for their treachery.

Re-engage with the unions

Labour was created from the union movement, and that is where it must return. Too many members and MPs are middle class or come from professional or managerial backgrounds. Membership of a union must be compulsory before anyone can join the party.

Stability and experience

Forget all the hogwish about renewal. Labour needs wise heads right now. The departure of Goff and King will be a big loss, but there are other experienced people there to take over the role. A Mallard/Dyson team would deliver that experience in spades and would have the public flocking back to the party.

They will suffice as caretaker puppets, until the unions can secure enough votes to purge them from the party altogether in a bloody coup, and install a team with the correct view on the proletarian struggle.

I might add at this point that I have just joined the Party.

Return to socialist roots

All middle-class bourgeois sentiment must be ruthlessly expunged from the party, in favour of all-out class warfare. The capitalists have stolen our country from under our noses, and must be made to pay the ultimate price.

And let us remember the thousands of small business owners who have turned away from Labour in the last few years. They cannot be rescued from their hopelessly capitalist condition, so we will introduce policies to destroy them and implement a socialist utopia.


I have heard all too many calls for the process of policymaking and leadership selection to be more open and transparent.

Well our enemies would say that, wouldn’t they? Of course they want to see what we are doing!

But let’s not play their game. A highly secretive party apparatus with questionable accountability, and mysterious selection processes, are essential to keep the other parties guessing.

And anyone within the party who criticises that secrecy is a class enemy. Let them speak up now, so that they may be re-educated!