Red Alert: The Best Is Yet To David Farrar

The Labour Party has admitted receiving a donation to its coffers from the National Party.

National Party President Peter Goodfellow confirmed the donation yesterday. He said it was a contribution towards the costs of running Labour’s blogsite Red Alert.

“They are doing great work, and we want that to continue,” said Mr Goodfellow.

Labour Party MPs Trevor Mallard and Clare Curran, who run the Red Alert site for the party, admitted today that the donation had caught them off-guard.

“We were somewhat surprised to receive the money,” said Trevor Mallard. “Even if it turns out that the person behind it was David Farrar.”

“But Red Alert runs on a shoestring, so any offer of help is welcome. Even if it came from David Farrar.”

Clare Curran said she thought National’s donation was politically motivated, but confirmed Labour would still accept the money.

“No doubt they are thinking that if they offer us this money to keep blogging we’ll shut the site down. It’s such a typical Tory trick it must have been masterminded by David Farrar.

“Well guess what? We’re one step ahead of the game. We’ll take their money and we’ll use it to make Red Alert even louder and noisier than ever. We won’t be silenced by the enemies of democracy. Whether it’s the Greens, National, or David Farrar.”

Mr Mallard said he was looking forward to getting heavily into blogging this year.

“We’ve all had some time off and are refreshed, and we’re ready to take the battle to David Farrar.

“We want to focus on the issues that are important to ordinary New Zealanders. Jobs, the economy, and David Farrar.”

“Red Alert is the perfect vehicle to enable Labour to engage with an important demographic: the internet savvy, and David Farrar.”

Ms Curran said she was not perturbed by what many in the media and blogosphere referred to as social media own-goals from Mallard and herself.

“I’m sure most people are mature enough to see through the nonsense pedalled by the Tory media and their stooges. David Farrar,” said Ms Curran.

“We are not interested in all that negativity. We want to start a dialogue with ordinary New Zealanders about the things that matter. And David Farrar.

“Starting next week we’re going to be posting about all the things that David Farrar is wrong about. Then when we’ve done that we want to start an open discussion on all the reasons why David Farrar is an enemy of democracy. We’re hoping that by the end of it we’ll have so destroyed David Farrar’s reputation that nobody will ever again take seriously anything said or written by David Farrar.”

Trevor Mallard said he expected big things from the Labour blogsite in 2012.

“We want Labour to hit the ground running in 2012, and to push National hard. Red Alert is going to be a potent weapon in that fight. That’s why we’re going to do our own thing and not worry about what others in the media and blogosphere have to say about us. David Farrar.”