Nats Must Act Urgently To Save Us From The Sun

In the Herald they’re reporting that the sun is bombarding us with radiation from the biggest solar storm in more than six years.

Six years! And what is John Key’s government doing about this crisis? I’ll tell you. They’ve all buggered off to Ratana to kowtow to the locals there, even as the radiation from the sun bombards each and every one of us!

Still, it’s just what I’d expect from this radiation-friendly government. Forget the whole anti-nuclear policy that Key claims to now support. The Nats have always been lukewarm on keeping us safe from the effects of radiation, and this just provides further evidence.

If you think “so what, nothing much happened to us when this last occurred in 2005”, then you’re woefully wrong, and your profound ignorance should be placed on a pedestal so that generations of children to come may see it and be amused.

So you think 2005 wasn’t bad? Think again!

  • George Bush was inaugurated for his second term as President of the US
  • Hurricane Katrina struck 
  • An earthquake in Kashmir killed tens of thousands 
  • Ronnie Barker died 
  • The Backstreet Boys re-formed. 

And as if that wasn’t awful enough, the pestilential evil that was Star Wars Episode III was released that  same year. I suppose the only shining light was that Episode III brought to a merciful end one of the most overblown, overrated and underwhelming movie series in cinematic history.

So the question I want answered, and that we should all be asking, is this:

John Key, what is your government doing to blot out the sun?