Apple’s New iMayor Gets Mixed Reviews

There was both excitement and disappointment in the technology world, as Apple yesterday unveiled the new iMayor.

The release of any Apple product is always a major event, but initial feedback following the launch of the new iMayor has been mixed.

The iMayor includes a number of different features to the last version, which was released in late 2010. However, reviews by those who have managed to get their hands on the new model have not been entirely favourable, and some reviewers have pointed to failures in the iMayor’s memory and other hardware systems and a lack of compatibility with existing applications.

Those reviews claim that if the iMayor is flipped from one side to the other too many times its operating system slows dramatically, and in some cases there is a complete power failure.

But Apple has fiercely denied claims of a product fault.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that the iMayor has been deliberately designed to shut down whenever dangers to its systems are detected.

“The iMayor has a range of in-built sensors designed for self-preservation,” said Mr Cook.

“These sensors automatically shut the iMayor down whenever they detect the need for political courage.”

Mr Cook also denied that the product’s memory failings were connected to the iMayor’s reported tendency to turn its back on working people.

There are also questions about the compatibility of some current iMayor applications with the newest version. Apple has indicated that some applications, like Social Conscience and Worker’s Friend, will not be available on the latest model.

However, with a range of new union-busting features the iMayor is expected to be popular with a whole new audience of consumers. Anyone who wants to get their hands on one of these will have to move fast, because all indications are that the new iMayor is going to be a complete sell-out.