Why Haven’t You Bought Yet?

Good news, people! The housing crisis in Auckland is over. It turns out that we can all afford to buy houses in New Zealand’s biggest city.

Those of you cowering with your children in a freezing cold garage somewhere need no longer despair. You may be unemployed, and you may not be able to afford to pay the rent or to feed the kids, and you may have been turned away by Housing New Zealand because your crisis, as awful as it may seem to you, is not the worst they have seen, but you can get yourself on the property ladder. How does a nice little do-up bungalow sound? A tidy unit in a good school zone?

So what’s holding you back? Oh, I know, you’re wondering if the guest post by a real estate agent on Brian Edwards’ blog amounts to a personal endorsement by the great man. It’s an important point, because Edwards remains one of the most trusted men in New Zealand. Everyone else may have sold out, like Fair Go and Kevin Milne, but not Brian.

I am often asked by people if I will allow them to guest-post on my site, but the answer is always no. Even if I allowed guest posts I would certainly never allow someone to post a piece that I regarded as foolish, inaccurate or offensive. However, other bloggers may apply much looser criteria when deciding who can post on their site.

But none of that matters, because every moment you spend tormenting yourself over whether the Great Man has given his seal of approval could otherwise be used to find that ideal house. Don’t let some extended family living in a damp one-room sleepout in Massey get it first.