What Will Replace Close-Up?

TV1’s show Close-Up is to be scrapped. But its demise opens up opportunities for other shows.

So what will its replacement be? Will TVNZ stick with current affairs, or will the network go for a reality-TV ratings winner?

Here are my picks.

Holmes on Holmes

The ever-popular and influential Paul Holmes returns to our TV screens to interview the ever-popular and influential Paul Holmes. Watch enthralled as the master interviewer gets to the heart of why brown is the worst colour.

Back to School

New Zealand’s police and intelligence bosses go back to class. How will these old-school types cope with modern technology? Watch the hilarious results as they type “Kim Dotcom residency” into Google.

Trading Places

John Key tries his hand at selling used cars, while notorious car-dealer George Desoiuzis gets to be PM for the day. Will anyone notice the change?

Grand Extreme Designs Makeover Block 

Two teams of politicians compete to do up an old bungalow. It’s a race against the clock for teams Red and Blue. Will they meet the deadline? And what will the judges think of their work? Has Maurice remembered to patch up those dodgy building regulations, or will Team Blue have a leaky home on its hands?

Paula’s Fight for Food

Beneficiaries slug it out in a specially-designed escape-proof arena. Win the fight and they get to eat. Lose and it’s bye-bye benefit.


Follow the adventures of a group of intelligence officials as they attempt to infiltrate a group of young Maori living on Australia’s Gold Coast. Watch as they discover both love and threats to democracy.