Some Advice To Labour’s Leader

  1. Be strong. Be decisive. Cunliffe must be punished for his disloyalty. Although David Cunliffe has done nothing wrong, so you should not punish him too hard. In fact, Cunliffe is the victim in all of this. Any punishment should be meted out to others, those who created this gigantic mess in the first place. Like Chris Hipkins, who spoke out so aggressively against Mr Cunliffe. Of course, Hipkins might have been speaking out on your instructions, in which case you’re the one to blame, and you owe Hipkins an apology for making him do your dirty work. On the other hand, Cunliffe has been plotting with mischievous intent, so stick to the original plan and punish him and promote Hipkins for being so loyal, before punishing Hipkins.  Except Cunliffe hasn’t done anything wrong. Unless he has. Don’t listen to the lies other people are spreading, unless it suits you to do so, unless in doing so you find yourself acting unethically, unless you have some “greater good” argument to justify acting unethically in the short term. Be your own man. Be strong, be inclusive and accommodate your enemies, and crush them too. Don’t put up with disloyalty, but dissent and debate are healthy signs so long as nobody questions you. Are you going to tolerate that sort of backstabbing? There are too many people trying to tell you what to do. Don’t listen to anyone else. Follow your heart and just do what’s right. Are you writing this down?
  2. You have told the media you don’t read blogs. Now would not be a good time to start.