The Wrong Legacy

The news media have been having a busy time lately writing obituaries in anticipation of Sir Paul Holmes’ demise.   When teams of journalists are not producing Holmes-deathwatch copy, they have their eyes on that big German guy with all the internet businesses and legal troubles. If Kim Dotcom says or tweets anything, you can bet it will end up in the news.

So imagine the immense power of a story concerning both Sir Paul Holmes and Kim Dotcom. Someone should probably have warned Dotcom against the visit, because we can’t be sure what terrible forces may have been unleashed as a result.

Their meeting today was such a cosmically important event, that it’s entirely possible a vast hole has been ripped in the fabric of time, and a bunch of bad people may be about to come through the gap.

It would be a tragedy if our abiding memory of Paul Holmes was that he enabled the Daleks to return to Earth.