New designer toileting service launched in Wellington

A new delivery company has been launched, and its founder Janice Grenville says it will “change the relationship most Kiwis have with their Number Twos”.

Grenville has joined forces with serial entrepreneur and celebrity arsonist Hans de Groen to create the company My Lavatory Bag.

My Lavatory Bag is designed to take the pain out of searching for a toilet. Once a week the company will deliver to its customers all the ingredients needed for a successful bowel movement, including diapers, toiletpaper, and disposal bags.

“Our lifestyles are becoming increasingly hectic,” said Grenville. “If you’re a busy urban professional juggling a demanding job and parenting responsibilities it can be a challenge just finding time to do a simple bowel movement.

“But now our busy customers can do their business on the run. Whether they’re in the office trying to finish that important project, or taking their kids to after-school sports, they can push one out anywhere, anytime.”

Customers would put on a diaper in the morning, and dispose of it at the end of the day.

The award-winning product design includes pouches for toiletpaper and disposal bags, allowing the user to neatly dispose of the waste in any rubbish bin.

Grenville said the company had teamed up with Scandinavian designers very early on, and the result was a diaper both environmentally friendly and stunningly stylish.

“Our customers will be proud to wear our diapers,” said Grenville.

My Lavatory Bag co-founder Hans de Groen, whose other ventures have included the Rotten Food Truck franchise chain, and cosmetic company Blubber, said they had done a considerable amount of market research on the needs of working professionals.

“They tell us time and time again that their lives are so busy, and their diaries are so full, that the simple pleasure of relaxing one’s sphincter and letting it all out is denied to them.

“Instead they wait until they are almost exploding, before running in a panic to the office toilet.”

He said My Lavatory Bag would take the pressure off already stressed people.

“We’re here to make a difference. Now our customers can just relax into their bowel movements, any time they fell like it. Why wait until the end of that important client meeting?”

The company is offering two product ranges. The first, the Big Soft, retails for $22.00, and includes a seven-pack of diapers, enough to last a week.

“This product is perfect for those office workers who spend a lot of time at their desks,” said Grenville. “It provides both comfort and durability”.

The Premium Soft range is designed for those customers who move around a lot during the day. It retails for $31.00.

“If you’re used to running around after the kids, or your job involves a lot of activity, you need something that will take the strain,” said Grenville. “Our Premium Soft Range is perfect for those customers with an active lifestyle.”

The company has launched in Wellington, and is expected to start trading in Auckland by the end of the year.

Grenville explained the focus on the capital.

“Being unable to get to the toilet can make someone unpleasant, grumpy and irrational, as they hang on for dear life.

“Imagine how much better behaved our politicians would be during Question Time if they could just let the Number Twos come out the right end?”