Joyce catches Labour leader buying coffee

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The ugly face of socialism
Energy Minister Steven Joyce has condemned the “socialist lunacy” of both Labour and the Greens, after Labour Party leader David Shearer was spotted buying coffee for two fellow MPs.

Joyce said a member of his staff had seen Shearer in the queue at a popular Wellington café last week, placing an order for three coffees. Standing just behind him had been Labour’s Finance spokesperson, David Parker, and Green Party co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

“It was clear that Shearer intended to pay for all three of them,” said Mr Joyce.

“First they tell us they’ll nationalise all the power, then they actively seek to distort a properly functioning and competitive coffee market by banding together to appoint a single purchasing entity.

“It’s Polish shipyard stuff.  Is there no end to the socialist lunacy of these people? Where will this economic sabotage end? The group-buying of milk? A state agency to buy medicines?”