I am risen

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A guest post from former MP Aaron Gilmore

I see there will be a by election in Christchurch East, when Lianne Dalziel stepped down on an MP to become a candidate from mayor.

I have a uniquely interesting prospective of the whole thing, as I have lived most of my life here in the east of Christchurch, when I wasn’t traveling the world making my fortune, advising presidents alike and, kings on matters of state.

So I know allot about this area and about their people. When I stood against Lianne Dalziel the last elections I made a conscious effort to focus on the party vote, I could of won the electorate easily, because despite what all those un true journalists may like to tell you, they actually love me the people do here.

But my decision to focus on the party vote paid of, and ensuring that the people of Christchurch voted decisively for a National government.

Some people have said that so many people, who gave their party vote to National who gave their electorate vote to Dalziel because I was a weak candidate. But that’s not true, because but anyone who you speak to in the district they will tell you this, I’m a household name in places like Aranui and Bexley, because of all the heroic work I have done to help people there affected by the quakes. I have transformed tears of sadness and frustration to joy, laughter and hope. That’s why when I walk the streets of Burwood or New Brighton people laugh in my face.

But you won’t read about that. In the media because the press they of always had it in from me. That malicious pack of wolves is always hunting from the lookout for an easy victim, and I played into its hand in a single moment of weakness so they were allowed to shred me like a thing that’s shredded by wolves.

My time in politics was short, like many politicians they want to get things done and get attacked, and they have so much to give, as did I, unfairly, but my talents are like that I could do any job in the world, I wanted, and believe me has had been a lot of job offers since I walked away from Parliament.

But the most interesting aspect. While it would be selfish of me to go over to the Middle East and make tens of millions of dollars in consulting fees, though there is so much to be done in New Zealand, raises a new perspective.

My enormous talents from statesmanship, I have worked with people and the once I have spoken to have told me I have them. If it hadn’t been a bunch of press vipers I could of been in a cabinet.

But although I know a lot of my own strength’s, I’m also a pragmatist. The National Party has signalled clearly that this is no place from me in their club. I’m a team player and I respect their coaches decision, but I know most of that caucus are right behind me, and it was only the need to satisfy the un true press that saw me step down.

I don’t believe today, either Labour or National they are connecting with what the people are in Christchurch East. I want to be the MP for Christchurch East, even if National didn’t want me, and even if there is one set off rules for one and one set of another. Like everything else I have achieved in life. If I put my mind on it I will come out winning on top.

They said I was finished, gone, and no more there would be Aaron Gilmore be seen in national politics, but the big surprise will be all over them. Look out from an announcement soon about what I will be announcing. A lot of supporters say, Jesus rose after three days, so why the delay? But they also say that good things come to those who weight.