DON’T buy this book!

I’m not generally a big fan of censorship or book burning, and calls to boycott a particular book usually leave me cold.

But I’m going to make this an exception.

Danyl McLauchlan has written a novel called Unspeakable Secrets of the Aro Valley.

Please don’t buy his book!

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy his book:

  • I always wanted to write a book but never got around to it. And now he’s shown us all up. It’s not fair!
  • Danyl is one of the smartest and funniest people in the blogosphere. And now he’s a published author too. It’s not fair!
  • The man can write. His book is probably going to be extraordinarily good. Again, it’s not fair!
  • It’s not fair!

If you do decide to buy Danyl’s book, at least make sure to burn it publicly. If you’re wondering where you can acquire his book (purely for book-burning purposes, naturally), you can get it here.

There’s even a launch party. I would love to be there in person, in order to shake my fist at the author, get hideously drunk on free piss, and then wee my pants while weeping about how unjust the success of other people is.

Alas I can’t be there to make trouble. You can, though.

And now I think I will go put some music on to help me forget. Yes, some Morrisey, I think.