No slowing down

Marty writes in response to this post:

Man that’s so laboured… I think you need to rethink what you’re doing here. The contrast with “you know who” is getting cringeworthy. How about you recharge and concentrate on a couple of good ones a week, and then ramp up again when you got your mojo back?

I’m always delighted to receive feedback about my work. I wasn’t sure who “you know who” was, and I wondered for a while whether Marty had been reading too much Harry Potter. But I suspect he was referring to that little-known New Zealand satire site The Civilian.

I suppose I ought to be grateful for any sort of comparison, however unflattering, even if I have never sought to emulate or imitate what others do.

But it is with regret that I must inform Marty, and those who share his view about my work, that I have no plans to slow down, or to “get my mojo back”. This site will always be what it is, and those who don’t like it may need to find some other source of amusement.

For those who choose to stay, you have the prospect of many more blogposts to look forward to. I can’t promise to emulate the success of “you know who”, but I promise to always do my best to be laboured, unfunny and occasionally offensive.