Champion tomatoes

I haven’t had much time for blogging these last few days, but I hope to return to regular posting soon.

I won’t bore you with too much detail about my reasons for not posting, because I can tell that you bore easily. I blame Facebook, Twitter and all those reality TV shows for your short attention span. When I think of all the time you people spend in such idle pursuits I feel ill, and I usually end up throwing up. And now I am covered in my own puke. Thank you very much!

Anyway, the thing I had to do is nearly done. The hole is dug, so there now only remains the disposal of various inconvenient items, such as all the plastic sheeting I used at the time of the “incident”, the clothing, and witnesses.

It’s been hard work, but totally worth it. I expect to have one of the best vegetable gardens in Te Atatu the summer.

I’ll be back soon.

PS If anyone needs some bags of quicklime, let me know. It seems that I may have made a bad investment.

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