A statement from Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin (source: www.kremlin.ru)

Vladimir Putin (source: http://www.kremlin.ru)

Russia’s leader responds directly to the Western media over allegations of homophobia

A number of reports from Western media are suggesting that Russia is not welcoming gay athletes for 2014 Winter Olympics to be held in beautiful Sochi.

When I am reading these reports I am saying to my team “who are these people, and why do they lie about us? We have nothing but deepest respect for all sex perverts who wish to attend these games. Who is responsible for this homosexual propaganda?”

Let me reiterate that our door is open to athletes of all sexual flavours. I mean front door of course, in case dirty mind Westerners are thinking I am meaning something else.

We have very fine ladies in Russia, and is why male homosexual almost unheard in this country. Please, gay men, come here and you will learn for self how to become much more man for ladies.

Many people are saying lies about Russia and our laws. Let me explain truth. Russia is empty country, and we are needing very many more babies. When man is sexy with other man, or lady wants lady instead of man, then how we make more babies? Our laws are for good of Russian people. Is true that many people wearing symbols of homosexual propaganda, like rainbow badges, are being spoken to by police, but police only have good of nation in mind when arresting, detaining and beating these troublemakers. Why they not wanting more babies?

And why they like rainbow so much anyway? Is it so child cannot look at rainbow without thinking “rainbow nice, gay also nice”?

It hurts me when people saying I am homophobic. What are they meaning by this? I know very many gay people. Like that Elton John. I like his music very much. I am also tapping my toes to George Michael when his songs are on radio station. I am man of people, and folk of Russia love and adore their Uncle Vlad. I am never discriminating in such an ugly way against homosexual people, even if their perversions are making me want to throw up a little all over myself.

I am even welcoming gay people into own home. Look, over there on mantelpiece. You see that one? I took that one down with a single shot. A fine trophy, don’t you think?

So please, gay persons, come to Russia and enjoy these Winter Olympics. Your immoral perversions may be disgusting me, but you are still welcoming so long as you don’t try any of your funny businesses while in Russia.